Best Confinement Centre in KL For Your Postpartum Needs

Our experienced team of certified confinement nannies and experienced professionals provide quality care and support for new mothers during their postpartum recovery period. We provide a safe and clean environment, nutritious meals, psychological support, and a variety of health services.


The joyous bond between a mother and her newborn child is sacred, sometimes beyond the bounty of words. At Golden Moon, we safeguard that connection in a place of safety, privacy, and tranquility. Our postpartum care built upon a bedrock of traditional techniques and modern practices will enable mums to enjoy a holistic journey of healing.

Tucked away along the streams of vibrant city living at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Golden Moon is a luxury confinement centre that provides a contemporary, Zen-inspired soothing care experience. Our centre is designed to be shielded from the metropolitan bustle – yet located where fathers could easily reach us within or after a long day’s work.


Where the hours flow to soothing rhythm, we strive for mums to enjoy the luxury of time: to ensure that each moment with their newborn is purposeful, spent intentionally with the aim of caressing the senses into comfort.

Where relaxation amid the early stressors of motherhood is needful, we strive for mums to ease into the luxury of space: inside of which environmental details are pored over closely, to create for mums, postnatal newborns and all visitors alike a serene refuge of certainty.

Where the demands of life may threaten to intrude, we strive for mums to enjoy luxury of care: to provide a sense of security at every possible area of doubt; to see that all their needs are met holistically, safely, and in a timely fashion to ensure peace of mind throughout their stay.


When it comes to caring for you and your newborn child, you may consider a confinement lady or nanny, domestic helpers, or even parents and parents-in-law. However:

they typically cannot provide 24-hour care for mothers as they require their own time to rest, especially parents or parents-in-law who are more elderly.

they are equipped with their own experience, knowledge and tradition to provide care rather than professional research-based medical advice that pairs the best of both modern and traditional approaches for early maternal care.

some hired caregivers may lack the necessary training needed to properly look after mothers in need of confinement care, or may be from agencies lacking the proper certifications.

Opting for a confinement centre can help you offset the disadvantages inherent to any of the aforementioned alternatives. By choosing the right centre, you can obtain peace of mind with several guarantees:

24-hour non-intrusive surveillance and security

Sufficient staff at the centre with the necessary expertise, industry experience and access to a host of proper facilities to professionally care for both mother and child

The support of a dietician, confinement care experts and a professional chef

Ease of secure accessibility for family members

Thorough check-in process for visitors to minimise COVID-19 infection risks

Capacity to accommodate last minute check-ins due to ample room availability


The perfect gift for any mum is her newborn child. The next best gift is the perfect place to be with her child, as she acquaints to the wonders of motherhood. Golden Moon is passionate about making sure mums experience the fullness of this wonder through the golden month and beyond. We thus stand firm in three ways to be the best confinement care provider:

The best of both worlds

The first distinction of our confinement and postpartum care is its interplay between traditional Chinese treatments and the marvels of modern medicine to formulate the most effective targeted care for mums after childbirth. The second is our sanctuary – made to feel secluded and to keep you far from the pressures of the outside world, yet located within convenient access by those who matter most to you.

How convenient is our location? Our centre is open for daily tours. Feel free to reach out to us to arrange a tour or viewing.

24-7 postpartum care at Golden Moon Confinement Centre


Customisable confinement packages that focus on comprehensive well-being are at the heart of our offerings in Golden Moon. Having all that you need for your healing within easy reach is a luxury we strive to provide continually and reliably. The luxury of options can become unintended stressors if left unchecked, hence we remain mindful not to overwhelm mums with non-essential considerations.

To secure your preferred room and care package, it would be best to book as early as the first trimester.


We understand that every mum is different, and the only way to provide customised care is to listen closely to you so that we can cater to your personalised needs. From specific dietary needs and medical histories to particular health and safety concerns, we are keen to meet you where you are. Should you require advice on any area of postpartum care, we are happy to lend some of the expertise from our confinement care/postnatal consultant, our certified nurses, dietitian and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner.

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